Spark Community Schools and its parent company, Thrive Education Group LLC, are committed to ensuring all students have access to high-quality education – regardless of their family’s income.

Why be an instructor at Spark Community Schools?

  • You love kids. With only 10-12 students in each class, you can get to know each student deeply. You will build the kind of community and classroom that meets every learner’s needs.

  • You own the learning. We trust you will ensure every student masters core content AND loves learning because you make it fun, relevant, and accessible for each student. Instead of mandates and state tests, we will provide you with the information and resources you need to ensure students achieve.

  • Your schedule meets your needs, too. You can choose to teach between 30-40 hours per week based on what works best for you.

  • You are part of a team of innovative instructors. You are the leader of your classroom and are responsible, first and foremost, to your students and families. In this way, you are the teacher, principal, counselor, and operations all in one. Your community of other instructors will be your team, and you can learn and grow together while still being your own leader.

There are 180 instructional days per school year, plus 10 staff training days, 190 work days a year.

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